Back to the Jungle!

Hello wonderful people! You may recall that I spent some time with ayahuasca under the guidance of a shaman in the Amazon jungle back in June. It was a beautiful and healing experience. The shaman and his family are among some of the most loving people I have met. I've been wanting to write about my experiences, but I quickly got mired down in the daily grind of life. Sorry about that!

One of the messages I got while I was there is that I need to learn more about shamanic medicine in order to find a way to combine it with western medicine. Well, I'm finally going back! I leave tomorrow and I'll be gone for 5 weeks (4 spent in the jungle, 1 spent in Mexico with a friend integrating my experience). I hope to get deeper healing for myself and an introduction to seeing and healing through a shaman's eyes. I don't know if it will be enough knowledge to use quite yet in my practice, but I expect I'll have a lot more to talk about this time around :)

For those of you who have appointments with me while I'm away, I'll be close enough to Iquitos to