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Back to the Jungle!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Hello wonderful people! You may recall that I spent some time with aya under the guidance of a shaman in the Amazon jungle back in June. It was a beautiful and healing experience. The shaman and his family are among some of the most loving people I have met. I've been wanting to write about my experiences, but I quickly got mired down in the daily grind of life. Sorry about that!

One of the messages I got while I was there is that I need to learn more about shamanic medicine in order to find a way to combine it with western medicine. Well, I'm finally going back! I leave tomorrow and I'll be gone for 5 weeks (4 spent in the jungle, 1 spent in Mexico with a friend integrating my experience). I hope to get deeper healing for myself and an introduction to seeing and healing through a shaman's eyes. I don't know if it will be enough knowledge to use quite yet in my practice, but I expect I'll have a lot more to talk about this time around :)

For those of you who have appointments with me while I'm away, I'll be close enough to Iquitos to have phone reception. Zoom works great from there, but sometimes the reception can be strained. There also isn't any electricity. I'll have a solar powered charger, but the lighting may not be ideal. So, please just bear with me through any technical difficulties we may have. I'll get you certified, but the experience might be a bit rustic and hopefully more interesting for you!

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