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Who's Being Followed by an Earth Shadow?

Hey Peeps! I was listening to Bob Roth's live TM Connect meditation this evening and he mentioned we will be able to see something beautiful in the sky tonight and tomorrow night - Earth Shine! Also called the DaVinci Glow, Ashen Glow, and a host of other names, Earth Shine is the light of the sun reflecting off our planet onto the moon. It gives the dark part of the moon a special glow and will be visible tonight and tomorrow night after sunset, clouds willing! If you get this message in time, step outside and look for it!

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Athena Baldwin
Athena Baldwin
Jul 21, 2023

Hello Sweetheart!

Thank you, but I think you are mistaken. YOU are the best!



Hello Athena! Just a little note to say hello and thank you for sharing your knowledge, light and love to help us on our journey. You are simply the best!



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