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Ask A Shaman


What would you ask a shaman if you could ask anything? What if there are still people in touch with nature and spirit forces on this earth and beyond, who haven’t lost contact with old knowledge as we mostly have in our western culture?


What: If you’ve felt like our Western culture has reached a massive dead end, want to find new solutions to your same old problems, and want to speak across cultures to expand your horizons this is for you. We named these workshops and classes cheekily because this is not anything like a 1-800 psychic hotline. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with our beloved shaman-curandero friends who will guide us to new understandings of why we are in crisis and what to do about it, Amazonian cosmology and spirituality, plant medicines, how to connect more with cannabis, how to find purpose, and more. We will be offering introductory sessions to meet them and begin to understand what they can offer as well as longer classes on different topics and advanced sessions. 

Who: The Rimachi brothers, Guido and Lucho, are descended from the Aujuna people and live outside of Iquitos, Peru in the Amazon Jungle. These healing traditions have been in their family for generations. They’ve worked with Westerners for years as ayahuasca shamans but there is so much more to all this. They are truly excited to do this work and we are beyond honored to work with them. How amazing that technology affords us this opportunity! Click here to learn more about Guido and Lucho.

How: We will have conversations and classes on Zoom, both with groups and one-on one (limited availability). This requires patience because we’re speaking across a Spanish-English divide as well as a cultural one—we have translators who know both brothers, the culture, and Spanish. This is still the Amazon Rainforest we’re talking about, so issues can come up—like massive storms that knock out the Internet. In the event of something like this we will reschedule. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Who "We" are: Athena and Robin have been best friends for 30+ years and both have had their lives completely changed by plant medicine. Athena has worked at NIH, at ERs across the country as a physician assistant and now is working to blend western medicine with shamanism and plant medicine. Robin is an artist, writer and former professor also blending her past pursuits with her growing knowledge of Amazonian plant medicine. Ask-A-Shaman was born from Robin's pondering on how to make this knowledge more accessible to the world. We are excited to offer ourselves as "cultural translators" in this amazing opportunity for dialogue. To learn more about Robin, click here. To learn more about Athena, click here.

Lucho Rimachi

Ask-A-Shaman Introduction: New Understandings of Cannabis 

This is a single 3-hour session where Lucho Rimachi will explain how to get more out of your cannabis experiences from the perspective of an Amazonian shaman. Is it possible Westerners can experience profound transformation and deeper healing with cannabis by tapping into these ancient Amazonian ways of interacting with plants? YES, it is. In fact, cannabis is one of the more powerful master plants in the same vein as ayahuasca. Great healing and spiritual openings are possible in the right circumstances. This is for people who are curious but unable to commit to the longer classes or who want to meet Lucho before going deeper. Lucho will explain the concept of master plant, give tips about addictions and habits, and take a few questions.

This class will be available on the following dates:

1-day session Tuesday, Feb 8, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm EST

Cost: $120 (price includes translator, sliding scale available for those in need)

Limit: 20 students



Ask-A-Shaman: Short Class, Cannabis Experience

This is a 4-session class that will teach you new ways to approach cannabis. Participants will be guided by Lucho Rimachi into understanding cannabis as a master plant in the tradition of the Amazon. You’ll undertake cannabis experiences yourself in between the classes and share with Lucho what happened to receive some direct guidance 

Coming soon!


Ask-A-Shaman: Cannabis Advanced

This class is a 4-week deep dive into cannabis as a master plant, and is the most recommended format by Lucho himself. Participants will learn about the history and culture of Amazonian plant medicine from Lucho Rimachi, how to move beyond habit and addiction to grow your relationship with cannabis, how to find a deeper spiritual connection with cannabis—as well as achieve greater harmony and happiness in your life. You’ll also “study” cannabis on your own and share your experiences directly with Lucho and the group on Zoom. This class emphasizes the experiential and uses the expanse of time to literally grow a new relationship with cannabis bit by bit. Students will receive Certificate of Completion at end of class.


Coming soon!

To learn more about Lucho, click here.

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