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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card with A 15-30 Minute Telehealth Appointment

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Athena Baldwin, MS, PA-C

Hi 👋, my name is Athena and I created Athena Heals Medical Marijuana Cards LLC to help Virginia State patients get their Medical Marijuana Card online, with the least amount of hassle as possible, while providing a great patient experience.

To share a bit about me, I graduated in 2005 with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Baylor College of Medicine. I consider myself to be a seeker. Starting with a bachelor's degree in Biopsychology, I always maintained a fascination with the relationship of the mind, body, and spirit, but my spiritual path has been winding and rocky at times. From Born Again Christianity to Atheism, the New Age movement to Yoga under Paramahansa Yogananda I struggled to find the Truth. I settled on Agnosticism and instead turned my attention towards science and Western Medicine. I have spent the last 17+ years working as a Physician Assistant in fields as varied as neurosurgical critical care, primary care, and emergency medicine. I also have 10 years of research experience, including work in neurobehavioral studies at the National Institutes of Health.


Recently, with the help of my friend of 30 years and the revelations of plant medicine such medical marijuana (cannabis), I've had a spiritual reawakening and a renewed commitment to healing at all levels of the human experience.

That was the start of Athena Heals Medical Marijuana Cards ...

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Get Certified For Medical Marijuana oR BOOK OTHER AppointmentS

We Guarantee the lowest price. If you find someone with a better price, show us and we will BEAT it by $5!


100% Patient Satisfaction With Money Back In Case You Don't Get Your Card!

NEW PATIENT DISCLAIMER: Your appointment is not confirmed until you fill out our Intake Form. Click HERE to fill it out now.

 Under 21, Registered Agents,   Elderly requiring assistance 


There is a discount for renewals, doctor referrals, veterans, and people with Medicaid or Medicare. To get a discount, pick the price option that applies to you and then email proof when you complete your intake form. Please keep in mind only one discount is available per person. This means renewals do not get any additional discounts, regardless of being a veteran or on Medicaid/Medicare. There is also a 50% discount for patients on hospice. Let us know when you make the appointment to learn more.

How to (Re)schedulE

If you make an appointment with me and change your mind, it's ok. Just please take a moment to let me know you want to cancel it or login to the members section to do it yourself. Otherwise you not only make me waste my time waiting for you, but you are also preventing me from seeing other people. I'm not a big corporation, I can't afford big losses. Also, if you are more than 9 minutes late, you will need to reschedule. If you need an appointment outside of normal business hours, please contact me directly. Thanks!


You will receive an invoice by email. The invoices have to be sent out manually, so we tend to do them in batches. This means there will likely be a delay before you get your invoice. You may take as long as you need to pay - the certificate is sent to you when the payment is complete.

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