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Eclipse Time!

Hello Dear Ones! I just wanted to remind you all to take some time today to look (indirectly) at the eclipse. Though it's not complete for us, it's pretty full and it is the best one we're going to be able to see until we have a total eclipse in 2044. It starts at 2:02 pm, peaks at 3:18 pm, and stops at 4:31 pm.

If you didn't get the special glasses, PLEASE do not be tempted to look directly at it. I accidentally discovered there is another way you can see it. Look at the ground. Any place where there is speckled light (like through the leaves of a tree) you'll actually be able to see the shadow of the moon crossing the sun in the spots of sunlight on the ground. It's SO COOL! Enjoy!!

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You found an amazing image to share, Athena! I traveled to Texas to see it in the path of totality. I chose where I am (a year ago) bc of the relatively accessible locations along the path of totality in the US, it had the lowest chance of cloud cover, historically speaking. However, for the past ~10 days, the forecast was for cloud cover for the day. Almost miraculously, though, the sky cleared just for the 2 hours and 40 minutes from the start of the partial eclipse, all the way through totality, and on through the end of the partial eclipse. Then the clouds came back! Truly the experience of a lifetime 🤩 🌞🌙 🌕 🕶️

I hope those…

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Yeah that is truly a stunning photo! And, wow, what amazing luck! I've been around a bunch at different stages and always forget to get the special glasses (or procrastinate too long 😅). I hope I'll still be around when the next full eclipse comes to the US.

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