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Virginia is threatening medical cannabis patients' ability to drive!

Stop what you're doing and take a minute to check this out. Virginia lawmakers are proposing a ridiculous law that gives police permission to ASSUME you are driving while intoxicated as long as your blood registers positive for THC. As you know, you can test positive for THC long after the high is gone. They have two proposals out that have picked arbitrary blood levels, but the bottom line is these numbers are meaningless and not supported by science.

If you care about your right to drive (and stay out of jail) use the link below to send a letter to your lawmakers right now. VANORML (our state chapter of the organization that works hard to protect our cannabis rights) supplies a link that can write the letter for you if you want.


Use this link to have VANORML help you write a letter:


If you want to write your own letter, here is some helpful information to include.

This is where VANORML talks about the proposals:

This is a study posted on the NORML website that actually found cannabis use by itself was not associated with car accidents:

To stay up to date on cannabis laws and support the people working tirelessly to protect you, consider subscribing to the VANORML newsletters and donate money to them.

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