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Virginia is not ready for the new Barcode Medical Marijuana Card

Hello everyone! I have an update for you regarding this new system of certifying people for medical cannabis using the barcode. Essentially the state isn't ready for it yet and so the dispensaries have no way of actually using the barcode! What the dispensaries are doing instead is asking for the full "Written Certification Application". For those of you who have already been signed up for this system, you can access the full form by going back to your email from "vacmp", copying the passcode, and then clicking on the link for the Written Certification Application (yes, that's a working link) and pasting the passcode on that page instead. You can then either print that form out or simply have the page open when you go to the dispensary. Some of the dispensaries are letting you forward them the email so that they can print it out for you, so I suggest you call your own dispensary and ask them what they prefer.

Good luck and let's hope they have it working by 2025 :D

p.s. For the people who didn't read my previous blog, if you got certified or renewed in 2023, you do not need to worry about this until you renew in 2024. Sorry for the confusion!

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