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First COVID Vaccine!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

As an ER PA, I was blessed to receive my first COVID-19 vaccination yesterday! So far I’m feeling great. This is a two shot deal and I hear it’s the second shot that makes you feel like crap.

Just a little note about post-vaccination crappiness: You can fee miserable, even get fever, not because you have been infected by the disease, but because you have fooled your body into thinking you’ve been infected. Many people are confused by this process. Your body goes through the same steps to prepare to fight the vaccine as it does the real virus. And when the immune system prepares to fight an infection, it makes you feel miserable. So why bother, if you’re gonna feel sick anyway? Because the misery of the vaccine stops fairly quickly and it doesn’t truly make you sick. Unless you have an allergic reaction, it doesn’t put you in the hospital and, more importantly, it doesn’t kill you or make you contagious and dangerous to be around. And hopefully it prevents you from ever getting the real thing, getting put in the hospital, and dying or killing someone you love. And THAT my friends, is worth a few craptastic days!❤️

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