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July 1st and the new Virginia cannabis certificate are here!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Celebration time everyone! Starting today, you can now go to any dispensary in Virginia using only my certificate!

Well, it doesn't say license and it doesn't have a license number - there go our hopes of using it eventually in DC! It has a pretty picture of the state seal on it. Other than that, it doesn't look all that much more official. One big change is that they are requiring me to put people's driver's license numbers on it. So, be prepared, I'll be adding that question to my intake form.

They reiterated that everyone who has the previous certificate will be able to continue using it without any problems until it expires.

Interesting tidbit: they say that temporary residence in Virginia qualifies you for a certificate! As long as you have an address here, you're good. I have a question out to them about what exactly you need to prove that address. I'll let you know when I do.

UPDATE: Utility bill with your name and address, apartment paperwork (lease, receipt, etc) with name and address, or mortgage statement/receipt with name/address will all do for proof of residency.

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