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Latest and Greatest Updates on Virginia's New Cannabis Laws and DC Reciprocity

I'm going to send an email out, too, just to make sure everyone gets this...

1) Just so we're all on the same page, starting July 1st, Virginia will only require you to have a certificate from me to use a Virginia dispensary. The license/registration card from the state will no longer be required (but will be available on request for $50).

Again - The only thing you will need in order to visit a dispensary in Virginia starting July 1st is a certificate from me.

2) Virginia is going to hand out new certificates for me to sign starting July 1st. Still don't know if it will have a number on it. Only people who are certified on or after July 1st will be required to have the new certificate. Everyone who got certified on or before June 30 gets to use the old certificate from me until it expires.

3) Old patients who go to DC: They have changed their official protocol for handling cannabis reciprocity with Virginia. If you already have a license/registration card from the Virginia Board of Pharmacy, DC will allow you to continue using it after it expires, as long as you have an updated certificate from me.

Again - You already have a VA state license/registration card? You do NOT need to renew it to go to DC. You just need to renew my certificate.

4) New patients who want to go to DC: You, my friends, will have to get a license/registration card from the Board of Pharmacy this year. Then you can let it expire next year. You will always need an updated certificate from me.

Again - New cannabis patients who want to use the DC dispensaries must get both my certificate and the license/registration card from the Virginia Board of Pharmacy for the first year.

Much love to you all!

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