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Medical Cards and the Puritanical Regime

Just when I thought we were making progress in this ridiculous Just Say No culture, this happens:

I was informed by Google that I cannot advertise my website because it mentions "recreational drugs".

Outraged, I called customer support and they informed me that I am not allowed to mention any name or synonym for our Much Maligned Jewel of a plant anywhere on my website. I am apparently still allowed to show the beautiful watercolor that my friend Robin Ward made for me (for now at least), but no nasty botanical names. So I have been scouring and scrubbing every dirty little word from my poor innocent website. Customer service informed me that even my blogs will be subject to the lascivious gaze of censure. To that end, I am about to go throw bleach and floor length skirts on them. I don't know if the edits will flood you all with blog notifications. I apologize if it does! Please don't turn me off! I promise to make it as quick as possible! I may also need to either delete or rearrange some of the reviews you wonderful folks have left for me. Hopefully I can just rearrange them! Please don't take it personally if your review disappears from the front page.

For now, I work with Medical Cards and only Medical Cards. *sigh

p.s. If you catch a dirty word that I missed, please send me an email - thanks!

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