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Update on the New Virginia Certificate and Law

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Ironically I couldn't upload this until I returned to the states, but here's a quick update on the plans for the new certificate with a bonus view of my jungle "office". So, to summarize where we are, Youngkin signed a law saying that, starting July 1st, we will no longer need the license from the VA Board of Pharmacy, BUT they need to change the certificate that I sign in order for it to work out of state. That will take possibly until September. This means you might have problems using the certificate in a dispensary outside of Virginia.

Bottom line, if you can afford an extra $50 and you think there's a good chance you'll want to shop in DC, go ahead and apply for or renew the license with the Board of pharmacy this year. If you cant afford it or you know you likely will never go shopping outside of VA, skip the license from the Board. I have a feeling Youngkin is phasing it out and, once they reformat the certificate, I suspect they will do away with the Board's role.

UPDATE: That certificate came out in July, does not have a number on it. You will still need the card from the state if you want to go to DC, but you can let the state card expire after the first year.

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